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Horizontal Vertigo: Curating As A Form Of Production

— Monika Kerkmann in conversation with Lisa Long

Thursday 22 November 2018, 9:30 am

Horizontal Vertigo: Curating As A Form Of Production
View of the Julia Stoschek's collection new building in Berlin

If production can be intended as another layer to curating, Horizontal Vertigo is certainly an exemplar project in this regard. Thought to be presented at the Julia Stoschek Collection in Düsseldorf and Berlin between March 2019 and April 2020, the programme comprises solo exhibitions of existing and new works, the presentation of performances and screenings, as well as talks by international artists and thinkers who embrace the complexities inherent to artistic production, representation and identity. While combining together parctitioners that variously explore feminist, queer and decolonial practices, Horizontal Vertigo then unfolds as a project where curiatorial practice can be understood as cultural production – or the curated circulation of cultural forms, practices, values, and shared understandings through art. Led by Lisa Long, the project is representative of the mission of the Julia Stocheck collection, one of the largest solely dedicated to time-based art and fully committed to set standars in the production, display and conservation processes.

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