Chi-Wen Gallery

Founded in 2004 by Chi­Wen Huang, Chi­Wen Gallery is one of Taiwan’s leading galleries, showing the best of contemporary Taiwanese art with a focus on video and photography. The gallery is dedicated to supporting emerging artists with curatorial projects that explore the most cutting­edge subjects and has been actively participating in local and international art fairs. As such Chi­Wen Gallery is very much connected with today’s art and represents artists whose work continues to grow in historical importance. Over the last decade Chi­Wen Gallery has fostered the careers of a diverse group of internationally renowned artists, both emerging and established, whose practices transformed the way art is made and presented in Taiwan today. These artists include Chen Chieh­Jen, Chien­Chi Chang, Chen Shun­Chu, Hung Tung­Lu, Jawshing Arthur Liou, Peng Hung­Chih, Tusi Kuang­Yu, Wu Tien­Chang, Yao Jui­Chung, Yuan Goang­Ming, Yin­Ju Chen & James T. Hong, Yu Cheng­Ta and among others.