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Robert Cahen. Voyage

— Intermitents

29 April — 25 June 2017

Robert Cahen. Voyage
Voyage d’hiver (1993, with Angela Riesco) video / Paysages d’hiver (2005) video installation © Robert Cahen

LOOP 2017 presents fifteen years of Robert Cahen's work — the most comprehensive collection of his pieces ever shown in Spain.

The exhibition Voyage gathers a selection of video installations made by Robert Cahen during the last fifteen years, as well as regular projections of the artist’s audiovisual production since 1970, for cinema, video and television. Among the greatest innovators of the moving image language in Europe, Cahen’s works analyze the notions of voyage, landscape, portrait, and time in order to access the thresholds of the image, the sounds and the silence of the world and its inhabitants. The show, thus, takes the form of an invitation to the viewers to take on a journey through “the deep emotions, beautiful yet terrible, that constitute the basis of our existence”, as in the artist’s words. This exhibition is the most exhaustive survey of Robert Cahen’s work ever presented in Spain.

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