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‘Collecting Live: in Convesation with the Players’ (Carles Guerra in conversation with Han Nefkens)

Carregant vídeo, gràcies per esperar
Carregant vídeo, gràcies per esperar
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Carles Guerra i Han Nefkens
By gathering together international collectors to participate into one-to-one conversations, ‘Collecting Live’ resulted into a concise yet insightful roundup on different collecting strategies.
In the context of this conversation, Han Nefkens outlines his activity as an activist, his tireless and disinterested support to the arts and his relationship to the Moving Image. More than a collector, Nefkens is an ‘arts patron and benefactor’, whose commitment is aimed at accompanying artists througout the very process of conceiving and later producing a work. Rather than being interested in the acquisition of a finished work, Nefkens indeed puts his effort to literally ‘give birth’ to a piece, in this way becoming a proactive co-producer of artists’ ideas. Accordingly, the artists films and videos he collects become means towards social and political reflection.
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