Daniel Monroy Cuevas

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Arredondo \ Arozarena, México DF

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Daniel Monroy Cuevas
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8 min 53 s
Format & Technical

3 channel installation, loop, HD video, colour, sound
Edition of 3 + APS

  • Commissionned by: Museo de Arte Oriental en Torino

Created at the Museum of Oriental Art, Turin, this piece plays with the language of video documentary: a series of spot lights reveal isolated sections of the museum’s darkened interior in the manner of a subterranean expedition. Monroy’s interest in the intersection of the documented ‘real’ with fiction manifests itself in his post-production recombination of the originally recorded work, which literally functions by folding time in on itself. The end result is a looped video of the excavation of the interior whose duration is indeterminate. Aiming to produce a semi-fictitious event that generates a documentary experience, the artist’s project utilizes the architecture and historical objects within as a means of revealing the mythologizing that is an inherent consequence of the canonization process of art and history.