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Kika Kyriakakou

Kika Kyriakakou
Kika Kyriakakou

Member of ICOM
Collection & Exhibitions Manager Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative
Arts Editor Artnews newspaper
Kika Kyriakakou (BA, MSc) has been working in the cultural field as a Project Manager, a Communications Director and an Arts Writer and Editor for almost 10 years. She is a Member of the International Council of Museums and the Collection and Exhibitions Manager of Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative supervising all the arts and education related projects of the organization and undertaking its international expansion and
promotion. She is also contributing as an Arts Editor with articles on new media, film and contemporary art in the Artnews newspaper (Greek edition). She was a Mentor during the second culture hackathon organized by the British Council and Google in Athens. She has organized and curated various film festivals, screenings events and exhibitions related to moving image, contemporary art, sustainability and fashion partnering with ART21 NYC, Kunstlerhaus Vienna and the British Council amongst others. A self-taught photographer and videographer, she is particularly interested in urban imagery and gender history.

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