mounir fatmi

Nada – Dance with the Dead

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mounir fatmi
Nada – Dance with the Dead
17 min 42 s
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HD video, colour with sound
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LOOP Edition
Ed. 2018
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Nada. There is nothing. After death, there is only death. No judgment to sanction our existences. There is just us, humans. Far from being a nihilist, mounir fatmi celebrates life as being much more than nothingness. By assembling and mixing all types of images that variously refer to death, violence, sex and the beauty of women, and accompanying them with a constant and organic sound, the artist really makes us Dance with the Dead, as specified in the subtitle of the work. Through his films and drawings, mounir fatmi scrutinizes the miseries of the world up close, in order to understand its anomalies, death, diseases, but also Beauty. Differently from his other works, in this video Mounir Fatmi exposes the body and the woman’s sex in a very straightforward and cruel way, as the antidote to death can only be crude.