Hayoun Kwon

Manque de preuves

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Hayoun Kwon
Manque de preuves
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Galerie Dohyang Lee

In Nigeria, twins can be a blessing or a curse. One day, the father of Oscar and his brother tried to kill his two sons during a ritual ceremony. By chance Oscar managed to escape. Once exiled in France, he applied for asylum but his application was refused because he could not produce any proof...

Created in 2011, Manque de preuves (Lack of Evidence), which has received many awards including the SCAM prize, is an animated documentary that deals with fictional dimension of memory and the possibility of its reconstruction. This documentary tells the story of Oscar, a perfect but also tragic example of how the facts from one culture lose their value when transported into another. This film finds a visual equivalent to point out its inner frictions and complexities. Presenting a genre of documentary through animation alone serves as a strong statement. Only Oscar’s drawing and his typed testimony are filmed (“documented”) as (f)actual objects, while everything else is reconstructed through animation.

This film is a fairytale, a storytelling, an investigation, and an autopsy of a cultural dilemma, using a diverse range of media to illustrate the differences between cultures and realities