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Ivan Cicchetti

1988, Rimini

Ivan Cicchetti
Ivan Cicchetti

Graduated in Economics from the University of Bologna. In 2007, together with two partners, he created his own brand (‘be kind’) that covers glass design and experimental electronic music events of young Italian producers. In 2011 he moved to Spain and studied photography at Blank Paper school.

In 2014 he opened a space in Malasaña dedicated to young designers (‘Casa Quiroga’), and at the same time decided to form a collective of creatives from different fields and together they founded Espositivo, a contemporary art space that now runs with a renewed team. Within the project emerges La Escuela de Espositivo, a perfect way to spread the new languages of contemporary art from the educational field. The project includes ‘Landa ’, a Master’s of Espositivo, an MA programme directed to visual artists, creatives and designers and shared by renowned professionals and researchers from the current art panorama such as Cristina Garrido, Roberto Ruiz, José Díaz, Sádaba Tourón Collective, Clara Montoya, David Bestué,
Ana Esteve Reig, Kiko Pérez, Blanca Gracia, Federico Clavarino, Mario Espliego, and Mauricio Freyre.
Since then, and with the intention of promoting contemporary creation and contributing to the dissemination of innovative projects from the field of visual arts, Espositivo has become a suitable space from which to generate a continuous dialogue among artists, professionals and the general public. Also, with the start of the new season, Cicchetti and the Espositivo team
seek to create a change in the dynamics of production and consumption, and try to develop more sustainable artistic projects for environmental and economic purposes, pushing artists to work with the environment and with existing materials.


Last update: November 11th, 2019

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