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Diego Bianchi

1969, Buenos Aires

Diego  Bianchi
Diego Bianchi

During the last decade, the work of Diego Bianchi emerged as a magnifying and distorting lens of urban life that focused on the formal and mostly chaotic traces of consumerism, specifically the remnants of the neoliberal economic damage of the last post crisis period in Argentina. Bianchi’s practice proposes an apotheosis of everyday situations, such as the destructive force of nature and time and the assortment of colors, textures, and volumes of commodities. His works vary from small interventions and documentation of a city’s constellations of everyday leftovers to autonomous sculptures or human-scale monuments of decay turning into expanded physical and mental landscapes. The body, which has always been part of Bianchi’s installations, became a more concrete presence recently, first as limbs that animate the objects and afterwards as complete fictional or nonfiction scenes inside a volcanic interpretation of reality.

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