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alfonso borragán

alfonso borragán
alfonso borragán

alfonso borragán’s artistic practice is a conjunction between research, teaching and production. His work has been described as a vague momentum, the critical moment, in which the generation of images is enhanced. As an artist, he reflects through images that do not exist and latent graphḗ and traces of experience. Through trials of superposition, distortion, concealment or reformulation, he explores images’ eventual limits. As part of his methodology, he activates long periods of research related to the context. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and later continued his training at the MFA Slade School of Fine Arts (London). Alfonso Borragan lives and works in London. He has worked upon and shared his projects in Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, EE. UU., Colombia and India. His latest works have been exhibited at Emerson Dorsch, Miami (Bucarolito); Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (Alterbees); Kontejner, Zagreb (Daguerrolito); Plataforma Bogotá (Fosfofagia 04) o Khoj Artist Association, New Delhi (Fosfofagia 03).

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