Hans Op de Beeck

The Thread

Galerie Ron Mandos,  Amsterdam

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Hans Op de Beeck
The Thread
15 min 30 s
Format & Technical

Single Channel, HD video, colour, sound
Edition of 10 + 2 AP

In his new film, Hans Op de Beeck employs puppets for the first time and affords the curatorial theme of the “red thread” with an interpretation derived from Asian mythology. A Chinese proverb says that an invisible thread connects those destined to meet, despite time, place and circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangled, but will never be broken. Taking this clear and simple metaphor as my starting point, Op de Beeck created a video as a visual love poem about a punk girl and boy who grow old together.  Love and death here go hand in hand. The film refers both formally and thematically to the traditional Japanese Bunraku theatre, where black-clad puppet masters operating large puppets perform a tragic (love) story. The work continues the artist’s exploration of contemporary society’s complexities and universal questions of the meaning of life and mortality.