Robyn Denny and Mamela Nyamza

Hatched 2015

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Robyn Denny and Mamela Nyamza
Hatched 2015
9 min 12 s
Format & Technical

Three channel installation, looped, HD video, colour, sound
Edition of 5 +1 AP

  • Music: Jeremy de Tolly (featuring Kesivan Naidoo)
  • Produced By: Robyn Denny
  • Postproduction : Thumping Rabbit
  • Sound mix : Jeremy de Tolly 
  • Photography : Ebrahim Hajee
  • Costume design : Mamela Nyamza
  • Choreography: Mamela Nyamza 
  • Cast : Mamela Nyamza 
  • Commissioned by : Robyn Denny 
  • Independent Curator: Beathur Mgoza Baker

Co-Directing artists Robyn Denny and Mamela Nyamza have fused video and performance across three screens in Hatched 2015, distilling and emphasising three major motifs from Nyamza’s Hatched dance cycle: becoming, agitation and revelation. What is showcased in Hatched 2015 is a harnessed cacophony of emotional impulses whose power derives from the cross-fertilisation of diverse artists at work. As Nyamza says of Hatched 2015: “today there are other births coming out of it in this collaboration”.

The three screen film Hatched 2015 is born of the alchemy of cross-disciplinary collaboration. This work as a whole was co-directed by Robyn Denny and Mamela Nyamza from a dedicated studio performance of Nyamza’s 2008 dance piece Hatched. Denny’s video-artistry has alchemised with Nyamza’s originally choreographed dance-artistry. Ebrahim Hajee’s stunningly intimate cinematography exaggerates the selected aspects, and thus the dance is transfigured for film. Jeremy de Tolly’s hauntingly original score, which incorporates ululating, and drumming by the consummate Kesivan Naidoo, carries the film sonically.