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Bill Viola. Mirrors of the unseen

4 October 2019 — 5 January 2020

Bill Viola. Mirrors of the unseen

Bill Viola is one of the most notable and renowned artists on the international scene. Regarded as a pioneer of video art, he uses sophisticated audiovisual technologies with great mastery to explore and express his constant interest in what it means to be human and in the transitory nature of life.

In his work, Viola addresses universal themes such as birth, death, pain, grief, redemption and the passing of time, clearing the way for the senses to channel feelings and to generate particular moods. In his wordless creations, the image is felt and heard, and stirs and reveals deep emotions. Movement slowed down and looped immerses the viewer in an inner world, exploring in depth fundamental experiences of existence to ‘awaken the soul’.

The exhibition Bill Viola. Mirrors of the Unseen offers an extensive survey of the career of this artist, who has evolved in tandem with the advances in video technology over the last 40 years.

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