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Since 2003, LOOP Fair has been the first in its field exclusively dedicated to the discovery, promotion and acquisition of contemporary video art works.

LOOP Fair strives to re-examine traditional art fair models and methods of presentation by taking into account both the changing attitudes of viewing and interacting with art, and the particularities of moving image practices. LOOP offers a unique viewing experience by presenting each film project in a room of a hotel, thus creating a setting that both focuses on the artists’ work and facilitates the particular  attention required by this medium.

LOOP brings together a strong sense of community between the concomitant fields of contemporary art and cinema, while establishing an occasion to promote and discuss artists’ video and film amidst a specialized audience.

Each year, LOOP Fair committee undertakes a prudent  selection of artists’ films presented by their galleries. The committee is made up of  collectors Isabelle Lemaître, Josée & Marc Gensollen, Haro Cumbusyan and Renée Drake, and is chaired by collector Jean-Conrad Lemaître.

LOOP Fair 2016 will be held on the 2, 3 and 4 June 2016 .



The quality of LOOP Fair is based on the careful selection and detailed advisory task undertaken by its committee, made up of collectors with a particular interest in artists’ video and film, as well as a shared involvement in the sector.

Jean-Conrad & Isabelle Lemaître | Paris

Promoters of the StudioCollector Prize dedicated to rewarding excellence in the field of video creation.

Josée & Marc Gensollen | Marseille

Collectors who have turned their private home La Fabrique into a bustling art center open to new initiatives.

Haro Cumbusyan | London  

Founder of Collectorsspace, an organisation for critical discussion on collecting video art.

Renée Drake | Rotterdam

Closely related to the Netherlands art scene, her collection has travelled to some of the most important venues in the United States.



Participation in LOOP Fair is by personal invitation and on the basis of a submitted project. The international list of invited galleries has drawn up by LOOP directors and committee members, thus creating a sense of community amongst participants and ensuring the quality of the event. For further questions on gallery participation, contact us at fair@loop-barcelona.com