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‘Fantasía y Fuga para Tsushima’ by Fito Conesa| CCCB

Fito Conesa, ‘Fantasía y Fuga para Tsushima, 2015

Fito Conesa, ‘Fantasía y Fuga para Tsushima, 2015

Thursday 28 May 2015, 19h-20.30h

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona [CCCB]

Artists: Fito Conesa + Trio Inmusics

An exhibition-performance within the framework of ‘Sebald Variations’

A project by LOOP Barcelona in collaboration with the CCCB

[Beyond the Image: Sound]

Fantasía y Fuga para Tsushima recollects the musical composition of the Battle of Tsushima, a 24 hour naval battle between the Russian and Japanese armies that took place during the Russo-Japanese War which resulted in a decisive Japanese victory.

The entire exercise by Conesa begins with the chance meeting of a naval letter from Tsushima, the Japanese island where this confrontation took place between 27 – 28 May, 1905. The date, coincidentally, corresponds with the birthday of the artist, as well as with the start of the LOOP Festival. From here, a process of rapprochement with the map begins, geographically and historically, which allows the artist to relate music to both the map and the battle. This series of coincidences associated with the musical and personal history of Conesa, two constant elements in his artistic exploration, led him to create a score in three voices: the sea, Russia and Japan; cello, viola and violin.

In ‘Fantasía y Fuga para Tsushima’ three violins and a cello are performed live by Fito Conesa & Trio Inmusics: Sabela Cascón (violin), Roderic De Roeck (viola) and Antonia Parapar (cello).

There will be a performace every 15 minutes; the last session starts at 20.15h. Note that there is a maximum of 28 people per performance.

Fantasía y Fuga para Tsushima occupies the space of a the Sebald Theatre, a small theatre built inside the CCCB halls which is part of the exhibition Sebald Variations.


11 March – 26 July, 2015
Curated by Jorge Carrión
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona [CCCB]

In the exhibition ‘Sebald Variations’ the German writer and author of some of the key books of the turn of the last century becomes the linking thread in questioning the history of the 20th century and its impact on the 21st century. Even though his premature death in a car accident in 2001, Sebald continues to question us about memory, history, literature, art, the contemporary.

The exhibition seeks to introduce a critical reflection, and recount the different ways his work has influenced and engaged in a dialogue with the visual arts and literature since his passing in 2001. The exhibition examines the way several conceptual strategies for using images with texts, for historical reflection, for the unexpected juxtaposition of scenes and narrativity as a whole, not only appear in Sebald’s work, but have, on countless occasions, been directly or indirectly alluded to and even included in the works of a number of artists.

This show is a visual and textual essay that brings together the voice of the author and other creators working in different fields. Some of the artists featured in the exhibition are: Carlos Amorales, Mariana Castillo Deball, Simon Faithfull, Andrea Geyer, Pablo Helguera, Núria Güell, Susan Hiller, Josiah McElheny, Trevor Paglen, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Taryn Simon, Jan Peter Tripp, Guido Van der Werve,  Jeremy Wood.



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