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Estudio Nómada, 'Noise'


NOISE – Ruta del Gótico | Estudio Nómada

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May 21, 2015

Estudio Nómada, 'Noise'

Estudio Nómada, ‘Noise’

29 May – guided visit | 30 May – free visit

19:30 – 22 h.

Meeting Point: Estudio Nómada [Palma de Sant Just, 7]


Estudio Nómada is an international working, learning and exhibition complex for globetrotting artists. An historic city Palacio is furbished as studio spaces and an exhibition area. The group of artists that is established here guides art students and organizes and joins cultural events in downtown Barcelona. In 2014 Estudio Nómada opened an artist residency on a wine estate outside Barcelona for contemporary artists to develop their art work in full focus.

Noise is the guiding theme of the curated route organised by Arnout Krediet that this year involves a selection of 9 venues located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. The participating spaces open their doors to the public to show international video art works which revolve around one of the focuses of the Festival: ‘Beyond the Image: Sound’ – or in this case ‘Noise’.

Noise: sound of a loud, harsh, non harmonious, discordant or confused kind; a disturbance in a communications system that interferes with or prevents reception of information; extraneous, irrelevant, or meaningless facts.



Estudio Nómada [c/ Palma de Sant Just, 7] No8  [c/ Lledó, 8] Colectivo Salón [c/ Ciutat, 11] Base Elements [c/ del Palau, 6] Gallery Painting Route [c/ Lledó, 17] La Finestra studio [Baixada de Viladecols, 2] Ndorfina [Baixada de Viladecols, 3] Pati Llimona [C/ del Regomir, 3] DrapArt [c/ Groc, 1]



Moises Pellerano (Republica dominicana)
Felipe Vargani (Brasil)
UB Morgan (US)
Francois Quevillon (Canada)
Azulpetroleo (Brasil)
Rob Santaguida (Canada)
Gabriel Lecup (France)
Charla Wood (US)
Marije van den Houten (Netherlands)
Lotte Dijkstra (Netherlands)
Duncan Sumter (Netherlands)
Bahar Gultepe (Turkey)
Sue Buckingham (UK)
Lenka Vanek (US)
Jack O’Connor (US)
Tim Bujwid Hugosson (Sweden)
Jacqueline Klaver (Netherlands)
Judith Mebert (Germany)
Mariane Paoletti (Italy)
Monica Tolia (US)
Barbara Zach (Poland)

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Urban Gallery in Loop 2015 | Urban Gallery

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April 22, 2015

28 May – 6 June

Urban Gallery

Curated by Belen Urban


Urban Gallery´s proposal analyzes the variety of existing interrelations between sound and image from the perspective of six artists: Balanza, Mit Borrás, Clemente Calvo, Salvador Herrera, Enric Maurí and Inma Parra.

This thorough analysis encompasses musical manipulation, silence, voice and the creation of technological sounds.

Thus we find a sculpture made ​​of sounds with Balanza, exhaustion sound with Mit Borras , musical collaboration with Clemente Calvo, use of power with Salvador Herrera , a world without sound with Enric Maurí and inaudible paradoxes with Inma Parra.

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