César Pesquera, Tramuntana, 2013


This production company was born in Barcelona, in January 2002, under the name of The Lift with the aim to develop international projects in the field of advertising. Slowly evolving into the worlds of cinema and art, the company was changing its course. With its team increasingly convinced that art could be produced in advertising, and that likewise video art could be produced with the artists it had worked with (artists that in most cases were filmmakers or video artists, not all necessarily advertising directors). Finally, in August 2012, Story: We Produce was launched, willing to reach other markets and develop other projects related to video art, be that in advertising or in non-advertising productions.

Story: We produce gathered a group of people who come from the art world, as well as others experienced in advertising.

Story’s founders selected directors and artists capable of carrying out these objectives. A group of people who can continue with a creative task expanding into the fields of  both video art, as well as purely advertising productions.

Story: We produce was established under these premises. With a dual structure able to converge in the same concept: to produce artistic works. To shoot innovative concepts and groundbreaking ideas from a purely artistic approach. Video, film and new formats to make these projects possible. Their possible new clients could be brands, film festivals, institutions, magazines, galleries, etc… even the company itself, producing video art with aesthetic, content or artistic ends.

Story: We produce has made these three things possible:

- A production company with an ambition for quality, aesthetic and creative content, in its advertising projects.

- Directors who can express their creative ideas for advertising, with an economic return.

- A production company, seduced by film and video art, which uses its resources to develop conceptual and content pieces out of the advertising world.


Story: We produce presents at LOOP, a selection of quality pieces from some of its directors:
César Pesquera
Ramón Ayala
Patricia M. Félix