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POOL is the special projects and meeting ground of the event: a large, open multi-functional space for meeting between the international community and the city organisations, the exhibition of projects that exceed the gallery’s structure but also the place to relax and discuss.
The POOL is located in the -1 ground of the Hotel, and will present an intense agenda of exhibitors and events. This year, it will host:


· PERFORMING THE IMAGE: a selection of artists from the media art class at HfG curated by Isaac Julien


·  The installation Spotting by artist Freya Hattenberger,  presented by imai – inter media art institute from Dusseldorf


· Hangar, Barcelona’s centre for art research and, will program a set of CapsuLabs beyond being responsible of designing the space of the POOL.


· DoingDoing, an innovative platform for communication and debate through internet, will be located in LOOP to open the event to the world by connecting the event and its protagonists with all the people willing to discuss on contemporary art and moving image.


· A stand-installation set by Story: We Produce, a producer in between video art and adversiting projects