Restoration Work

2012, 6′ 02”
HD Video, colour, sound


In the film Restoration Work Clare Noonan brings natural element into the studio. Akin to creating an abstract painting, Noonan documents a simple yet destructive act against black backdrop by dropping a stone on a set of colored chalk. The process, recorded and played back in slow-motion, is synchronized with a parallel narrative in the form of the artist’s voice. As still-life- and landscape-like images appear, shift, and play out through performed actions and cuts, the narrative traces a female photographer traversing a familiar path, back to her studio: “Taking a breath, the explorer brings the inside out and the outside in.” Restoration Work explores the boundary between studio and landscape, considers and expands the frame that defines one environment from the next, and leaves us to imagine our own.


Functioning within a postcolonial framework, Clare Noonan creates projects that start from a specific referent and extend across time and locale, giving rise to a combined process of re-contextualization and translation. This artistic strategy at once questions and updates the Western traditions of image-making and historical narration. In the process, Noonan proposes intercultural conversations between disciplines, contexts, and subjectivities that afford her works nuances, accents and unexpected juxtapositions. Between the natural and the artificial, the real and the imaginary, the adopted and the genuine, is a constant mutation that awakes our subjectivity, itself a cultural hybrid.


Clare Noonan

Clare Noonan was born in 1982 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Clare works with a variety of media including photography, sculpture and video. A recent graduate of HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Gent, Belgium, she has presented exhibition projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and throughout New Zealand. Clare is a member of the collaboration All the Cunning Stunts. She currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.



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