Facing the systematic dismantling and redefinition of public policies, the severe reduction of public funds and the changing work paradigm in the field of cultural production; the current context requires new attitudes and a new way of understanding the work of agents in the field of cultural production.


A new management structure is surfacing, alongside new ways of understanding the collaboration between agents, sectors, industries and methodologies. Institutions are exploring collaborative and horizontal work strategies, in which authority is erased and the concept of responsibility becomes more important. At the same time, this lays the groundwork for new perspectives on how to understand our collective intelligence.  Methodologies, formats, models, but, above all, innovative attitudes that point to a new sustainable vision of understanding the work in the arts through cooperation.


Firmly rooted in the question What about collaboration? This year’s LOOP STUDIES, with the University of Barcelona, will present 3 days of round tables and professional case studies, aiming to shine a light on new horizons of creation, production and administration built around the concept of collaboration. LOOP STUDIES will explore, discuss, imagine and conceptualize common strategies and methodologies that can be ethically relevant in the arts, socially sustainable and politically appropriate.


Encounter with Peter Greenaway on the occasion of 2012 FORUM 01: What About Production? IMG_7941web