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Hangar is Barcelona’s centre for art research and production, offering support to visual artists and creators during the different phases of their art production processes as well as to contribute to the best development of their projects. For doing so, Hangar facilitates them equipments, facilities, production assistance and a suitable context for experimentation and free knowledge transfer.


For LOOP 2013, they will be responsible of the design and concept of the POOL. In addition, they will carry out 3 CapsuLabs during the 3 days of the event.


The CapsuLabs are free thematic sessions on electronics and informatic programming applied to audiovisual interaction. Those session provide -creators as well as developers- with autonomy and specific applications and techniques which are needed in a context conducive of  knowledge transfer, aligned with the philosophy of open source software and free knowledge. Each session is structured in 45 mins. of content and 45 mins. of testing the technology learned. In addition, during each session, a handout is provided to the participants, which can be used as support material for the teacher’s explanation or as a reminder of the session’s content.

The CapsuLabs designed for LOOP 2013 engage with the experimentation with technologies related to the generation. the transmission or the manipulation of the moving image.
The CapsuLabs will take place in the POOL, each day of the event at 17.30h


23.05, 17.30h: Streaming

By Lucía Egaña, from the collective Miniprimer.tv

Live streaming is a technique for broadcasting material in real-time; in this case audiovisual material through Internet. This capsule will explore the tools and settings required to make a broadcast in real time with free software.


24.05, 17.30h: Interaction with Kinect

By Óscar Sol

Theoretical / practical workshop introduction to Kinect camera as a human interface of audio-visual control.


25.05, 17.30h: Mapping Introduction

By Omar Prole

Video-mapping is a technique based on adaptting accurately video images on architecture, space or volume. Generally there is a relationship of equality between what is projected and space on which it is projected. This CapsuLab will explain the different video-mapping techniques and the different phases of a video mapping project, while surveying the hardware and software used for this purpose and the technical concepts required to manipulate these tools.