2003, 9’ 48’’
35 mm
Minotaur-Ex is the fruit of the first collaboration between Bruno Aveillan and the contemporary dance company Cave Canem. The artist and Philippe Combes, the choreographer, attempted to reach all the emotional intensity which underlies the Greek myth, the Minotaur, a monster with multiple faces, illustrated here by three exceptionnal dancers (Nataly Aveillan, sister of Bruno Aveillan, Nadine Comminges and Philippe Combes). In this opus, he is left alone in his own condition, tries to find a way out through the metamorphosis of his identity.

The shot lasted two days and took place in an old abandoned power station in the outskirts of Paris. The dancers had no possibility to protect themselves from the freezing cold as they were covered in wet clay, which is testament to their relentless courage.

Minotaur-Ex has won a number of awards, such as the “Prize for Exceptional Art” at the FIFAV and the “New York Dance Festival Award”. It was being selected by the Museum of Decorative Arts at the Louvre in the large exhibition entitled Ceramics – The Contemporary French Scene curated by Frédéric Bodet, which unites 65 artists within the contemporary department and permanent collection of the Museum.

This highly poignant and poetic film can be considered as a veritable hommage to Philippe Combes, who prematurely passed away in April 2009.



Bruno Aveillan

Simultaneously, Bruno Aveillan has developed a personal artistic path that includes photography, experimental films and installations. The major reccuring themes throughout his work centres around the human body, effacement, wanderings and memories.

In a text titled “The indomitable grace of light” Zoé Balthus stated that this graduate of Fine Arts (Bruno Aveillan) has “an affirmed talent, a strong and vivid imagination, who personally explores other territories where he is free to allow his hypersensitive approach to tame the minuscule movements of his subjects, to intervene with the mysterious heart of the elements, to assist to the subtle alchemical mutations of life, to await for the indomitable grace of light. Gifted with infinite patience, lingering for the slightest gold glitter in the wind, he unveils the sensual intimacy of the emotiveness of melting ice, catching the magic instant were the sky meets with water, the detail of fresh dew on the luminous whiteness on a field of wild flowers, convoking the complicity of the sun to reveal the undulating highlights in the hair of an innocent child. Aveillan is a poet, in harmony with the invisible, an intelligence with the sacred, he is of this calibre of men who are in profound communion with their art”.

In an interview with the English journalist Stephen Whelan, Bruno mentioned that he is fascinated and interested by the research and writings on memory and especially those by Israel Rosenfield. “Mnemonic acquisition, such as memories are linked to their context and are therefore incredibly selective, information that lacks a certain affective or emotional context does not get memorised, so the idea that we are able to search our memories with any precision as we would search on a hard disc, remains rather pointless. He believes that «emotion linked to the memory often stems from a fragmented evocation. Sounds, odours, textures and of course, the light can create a strong field of resonances that translates into synthetique forms»”.



Galerie Spree

Located in Paris in the heart of Montmartre, the Galerie spree was founded in 2010 by Roberta Oprandi and Bruno Hadjadj. They built this space with the mission to promote young and mid-career artists with a variety of contemporary positions in Europe and in USA. The gallery  features a strong program of solo-exhibitions in their gallery in Paris, while introducing of the work of their artists on the international stage in the world’s top art fair venues.

The gallery is committed to promoting the work of innovative emerging artists with multidisciplinary approaches to contemporary art, spanning and/or incorporating the mediums of photography, drawing, installation, painting, sculpture, and  video.


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