L’Esprit d’Escalier

2010, 10′
Ori Levin questions the mental construction of tellings through visual perceptions. ”L’esprit d’escalier” is a suite of five short videos, auto-put on stage turned in do-it-yourself style in ordinary artist life, like absurd chronicles of merciless jokes. Ori Levin film writing in the shape of comic sketch mutes, builds and demolishes with fixed images and led sequences, subjective logic of narrative elements. Cinema is an illusion. The spectator feelings are dictated by the director so muche by the shown scenes that by the cinematographic language made by fixed images, by editing, by camera movements and other vocabulary tricks.



Ori Levin

Ori Levin was born in Jerusalem, and lives in Tel Aviv.  She gratueted (with distinctions) from Film and Television department at Tel Aviv University & Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. She has exhibited at the following institutions: The Haifa Museum of Art 2012 / Nachum Gutman Museum of Art 2011 (Tel Aviv); and has received the grants American-Israel Cultural Foundation + Tel Aviv University. Her work is part of the p ublic collections :Israeli Muséum – Jérusalem ” Nothing to write home about” 2012.



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