Lack of Evidence

2011, 10′
Color / HD / Dolby Surround prologic1
Production Le Fresnoy / Distribution Galerie Dohyang Lee


The film Lack of evidence, produced in 2011 and has received numerous awards including the Award SCAM, focuses on the reconstruction of the history of the fictional dimension memory and testimony .
Lack of evidence renders the story of a Nigerian exile in France confronting a historical and social reality. Hayoun Kwon questions the different levels of recovery of memory and subjectivity of interpretation. By extension, the use of 3D space determines the narrative, its limits, while it affirms the fictional structure. The film is constructed in the form of plans, which, thanks to an animation technique that is transparent to expose the skeleton of the drawing, leave their visible overlays and duplication. The image becomes the materialization of the elastic nature of memory and diluted at any time and recalls the process of their own recovery. Fascinated by its narrative multiple power Hayoun Kwon made a film in which different levels of language and reality overlap, creating the image a mise en abyme of the story told.

In Nigeria, twins can be a blessing or a curse. One day, the father of Oscar and his brother tried to kill his two sons during a ritual ceremony. By chance Oscar managed to escape. Once exile in France, he applied for assylum but his application was refused because he could not produce any proof…
Through the use of both video and performance art used for fictional and/or documentary reasons, Hayoun Kwon’s work deals with the notion of memory. In 63 ans après (63 years later) or Des murs (Walls), the artist explores the history of her country, Korea, and its both difficult and complex relationship with Japan that she conceives within her narrative work as two social and political fictions that come together. Through the maneuvering of political power and the manipulation of history that both countries reenact, Hayoun Kwon questions the notion of memory, borders and the interpretation of history.
These videos are highly emotionally charged. Reducing the form to a minimum (one action, one place, one idea…) this concentrated cinematographic work that the artist identifies as a poem-instant allows her to quickly activate (on average 1 min.) simplified sketches that, despite their seeming obviousness, actually unveil a wide range of emotions. Her uninhibited graphics enable Hayoun Kwon to produce micro-films mixing documentary images and autofiction in which the various angles of approach and levels of language testify of the artist’s freedom of analysis.
Created in 2011, the film entitled Manque de preuves (Lack of Proof), which has received many awards including the SCAM prize, focuses on the reconstitution of history through memories and the fictional dimension of testimony. Manque de preuves (Lack of Proof) recounts the story of a Nigerian exiled in France while confronting a social and historical reality through personal and intimate testimony. Using Oscar’s request for asylum in France as an empirical starting point, this docufiction is a journey through the different levels of reconstitution of memories and the subjectivity of their interpretation. Furthermore, the use of 3D defines the space of the narration and its limits, while at the same time affirming its fictive structure. Using a transparent animation technique which slowly exposes the outlines of the drawing, the film is structured upon a series of shots that reveals their overlappings and duplications. The image thus becomes the materialization of the elastic and diluted nature of memories while constantly recalling the process of its own reconstitution. Fascinated by its many narrative possibilities, Hayoun Kwon creates a film whose different levels of language and reality overlap, thus developing a story within the story.
Currently, Hayoun Kwon along with Christiane Cavallin-Carlut is developing a project entitled L’invention du Nord (The Invention of North), a multi-faceted project that will bring together fiction, documentary and installation. Shot in Panmunjeom, located at the border of North Korea and South Korea, the film captures the thermic portrait of soldiers from both armies with the help of an infra-red camera. The film, thus re-interprets the choreographies of the changing of the guards within the domain of fiction and abstraction. This fictional confrontation redefines the notion of identity, reducing it to a kind of artificial residue while transforming the space of the tension. Constantly questioning the relationship between fiction and political power, the project L’invention du Nord explores the way in which a Leader orchestrates a connection with the people and the territory. The borders, much like the different levels of the story, thus intersect and merge into a sort of fictive reality in which the arbitrary constantly redefines the rules of the game.

Elisa Rigoulet



Hayoun Kwon

Born in 1981 in Seoul, South Korea
Lives and works in Paris and Nantes



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