LOOP’s quality responds to careful selection and detailed advisoring task undertaken by its committee, chaired by collector Jean-Conrad Lemaître and formed by the collectors Isabelle Lemaître, Josée and Marc Gensollen and Haro Cumbusyan.


Isabelle & Jean-Conrad Lemaître


Isabelle and Jean-Conrad began collecting contemporary art in 1983, focusing over the past ten years in video art. Committed in their role as active collectors supporting contemporary creation, they have created the “StudioCollector prize” for young video artists at Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing. Their involvement in LOOP dates back to the first edition in 2003, and have played a great part in the event by their passion and enthusiasm.


Josée & Marc Gensollen


Josée and Marc Gensollen are practicing psychiatrists based in Marseille, who throughout the years have built an impressive collection of conceptual art, displayed in their converted-workshop and private home La Fabrique.

Following LOOP for many years, in 2007 they curated an exhibition from their video collection at Fundació Suñol in Barcelona. They have joined the board of the LOOP Committee in 2011.

Haro Cumbusyan


Haro Cumbusyan is a London-based collector of contemporary art with a focus on moving image. He is the Founding Director of collectorspace, a nonprofit initiative that aims to open up critical discussions on collecting art, and to create a variety of reference points for new generations of collectors. Haro also serves on the Board of Directors of Studio Voltaire, an independent arts organization in London with an exhibition, commissioning, and performance programme, education initiatives, and artist studios. He has recently joined the board of the LOOP Committee.